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your new home ~ from start to finish

Milestone Photography

There are three major events in most people's lives that they love to have documented. Getting married, having a baby and buying a home. I specialize in the latter, capturing all phases of construction from breaking ground to landscaping. All delivered in a custom made, hard cover album that the homeowner will cherish forever.

I work with contractors, realtors and home buyers to take the worry and work out of documenting the milestones of new home construction. 

New Home Memory Albums start at $375 depending on size and make an awesome client gift!


Your new Home ~ documented

Memory albums

Home construction is an important time in family history. The personal dream house arises from a project to a beautiful house, true to your taste. This development or change process is worth documenting, fully and in detail. A Your Home Photography Memory Album helps you remember this exciting time again and again. Share the process with your friends & family and even with future generations. 

What's included in a Your Home Photography package:

  •  Phases:  A set of at least 10 photos of each of the 10 major phases of the home is captured. 

                                Stage 1 – Site Preparation

                                Stage 2 – Foundation

                                Stage 3 – Framing

                                Stage 4 – Windows and Doors

                                Stage 5 – Roofing and Siding

                                Stage 6 – Insulation and Drywall

                                Stage 7 – Exterior and Interior Paint

                                Stage 8 – Counters and Cabinets

                                Stage 9 – Carpet and Flooring

                                Stage 10 – Landscaping, Furniture & Decor

  • Small details:  Collages of details from the architecture, e.g. mailbox, bell sign, the path through the garden, door knobs, etc. throughout the book.


  • Stats: In the back of every book, I list a few things such as the price of gas, a loaf of bread,  who was President etc. to add to the things you will want to remember about the year you built your home. 

  • Arial View: Drone shots to get an overall view of the entire property before and after the home is finished.

  • Matterport 3D Virtual Tour:  An additional option is a 3D scan of your home, either in the stick built phase so the owner always has a way to see inside the walls or if you prefer a tour of the completed home that can be shared with friends and family from anywhere in the world.

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Beautifully simple from start to finish, Your Home Photography works with Miller's  Professional Imaging to provide the Signature Album for every client.